motherhood <3


motherhood <3

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Which means my baby is getting ever closer to being done cooking.

Which means my baby is getting ever closer to being done cooking.

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I can’t watch, read or look at anything baby related without crying, even just a little bit.

Why am I so emotional today?

My reaction when I read this….





…..-.- this is why people hate on teen moms….we are NOT all like this bitch,

wait… I don’t see what’s wrong with this guys….
(before you all freak out on me I’m just being STUPID) 

I’m not really sure why people are hating on this..I mean it totally worked for me. (Please note:Sarcasm)

Wow. Just…. wow.

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Anonymous said: Haha it wasn't too bad. I just asked him if he would be able to tell if I was dilated or not. When he said yes I asked if he could check. I mean it's not the easiest thing to ask but it's not a biggie. You just have to remember they are used to that type of stuff.

lol I’m sure it wasn’t that bad. I still hope he’ll just do it tho haha I’m so interested to know! I want her to hurry up!!

Oh yeah! Had my ultrasound today.

Baby is measuring 35 weeks & 6 days, and weighs 6lbs, 10oz.
(I’m 37 weeks & 1 day) 

She’s a little bit on the small side :/ She’s in the 42nd percentile. 

I hope she’s growing right! :(

Anonymous said: I had to ask my doctor to check me out last Thursday or else he wouldn't have. (I was at 36 weeks also). Guarantee he'll check at your next appointment though :) And if not, just ask!

I would feel so weird asking that tho lol Thats gotta be super awkward 

It’s really sad when you hope that you’re getting an internal exam at your next appointment.

I had an appointment with my doctor last Tuesday and the doctor didn’t even take a PEAK. He just swabbed me for my Strep B culture. 

Bitch, I want to know if I’m dilated or effaced at all -__-

And that was at 36 weeks. 

Tomorrow I’m 37 & 2 days. 

Muthafuck better take a look down there lol

I think my little miss noodle gets the hiccups so often because she’s constantly doing her practice breathing.

Seriously, just about every day she has the hiccups.

Sometimes more than once a day lol

Calm yourself, little bear!

Spent my entire morning/early afternoon at the hospital on Friday.

They’re having me go in for non-stress tests twice weekly, because of my 2 vessel cord, to make sure my little noodle is growing right and getting enough nutrients, etc.

So I went in for my second one on Friday morning at 930. My first test didn’t last very long. I was in and out, so I expected this one to go the same way. 

I guess she was sleeping or something, because they weren’t getting the heart rate elevations they needed. So I laid there for a long time, waiting for her to give them the results they wanted. Then the nurse came in saying she had spoken to my doctor, who wanted me to go get a biophysical profile once I had finished with the nst. -__-

While I was waiting for radiology to send for me to come down from labor & delivery, I stayed on the monitor and every time the nurse came in she was like “this baby looks better and better every time I come back.” Too bad that didn’t mean that I didn’t need to go down for the bpp.

After laying there for about 2 hours, I got to go down to radiology for my ultrasound. I had to pee SO BAD, so I asked if there was a restroom, and the receptionist was like hold on. So she called the u/s tech and asked if I was ALLOWED to pee, and she was told no. WHAT. How on earth can they tell a 36 week pregnant woman that she’s not allowed to go to the bathroom? I call that torture. 

I waited for like 10-15 minutes with my gigantically full bladder before they called me in. 

So the tech measured all sorts of stuff, like amniotic fluid, and checked all her organs. She was doing her practice breathing lol Next she checked her movement. She hadn’t moved during the whole exam. They are meant to take up an entire half hour when they do the exam, and we had about 13 minutes left of that. So the tech starts taking the wand thing (lol Idk what its called) and pushing down on her little bum, wiggling it around, trying to get her to respond. She didn’t. So she tried up by her hands; no response. We spent that whole 13 minutes doing that, making me switch sides, shaking my stomach with the wand, trying to get her just to wiggle around a bit.

Finally the tech was like “when was the last time you ate or had something other than water?” and I hadn’t eaten since like 9, because they don’t generally feed you during an nst lol so she made me eat some graham crackers and then drink some orange juice, and then we tried again. She responded 3 times to the tech. She wiggled her arms, shifted her head, and then moved her legs. Apparently that was satisfactory, and I got back upstairs. 

I went over the results with the nurse, and while she (eventually) passed both tests, I was told I need to go home and make sure my baby is moving enough. 

Way to send me home freaking out. I went home and laid down and was like “WHY IS SHE NOT MOVING” for the entire afternoon. 

On one hand, I’m worried about her, hoping that she is ok, and not stressed out and that something is wrong. But, on the other hand, I hope that this means that they might want her to come out early (I still, of course, hope that she is ok.) I’m just the least patient person you will EVER meet, and am so ready for her to come out. I want to be DONE being pregnant, and I reeaallyy want to meet my little bear(:

I’m so excited to see if she has hair, and who she looks like. During the ultrasound, we saw her little hands, and I could make out her little chubby fingers. It was so amazing seeing her little wrinklies and thinking about how REAL she is. I’m still having a very difficult time grasping the fact that some time within 3 weeks from now I will be holding my OWN little baby girl, and that she’s REAL. 

Its still so crazy to me.